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The BMP Brand is a Non Profit Marketing Agency.  We provide Marketing and Brand Consultation and Services to Individuals, Businesses Large and Small.

​BMP are the initials of Bertha Martin Padgett.  She was an amazing professional and public servant who lost her life to Pancreatic Cancer in 2015.  We have formed the BMP Brand in her honor to further her commitment to and pursuit of excellence.  

Service is the Rent that you pay for room on this earth

                                                               .....Shirley Chisholm

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build the economic strength of our community One Person One Business at a time through effective Marketing, Branding and Promotions.

"You need to be consistently Awesome"

                                                         ....Neil Patel

Our Mission


The BMP Brand is your support in doing your best work.
We offer Services and Support in the following:

  • Company Branding

  • Marketing Plans

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Media Advertising

  • Social Media Planning/Campaigns

                                    Service - Life - Marketing.

We Need Your Support Today!

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